Live ATC: discutia dintre turnul de control si pilotii zborului EK521

| Scris de: Teodor Stefan | 03-08-2016

Gratie un bun prieten, Aeronews va prezinta dialogul dintre turn si pilotii Boeing-ului 777-300 Emirates implicat astazi in accidentul de pe aeroportul DXB.

Dupa acordarea permisiunii de aterizare pe pista 12L si o scurta pauza, turnul le indica pilotilor sa urce la 4000 de feet, semn ca acestia urmau sa faca un go-around. Informatiile din acest dialog se leaga cu cele relatate de un pilot aflat la sol:

From an eye witness (pilot on the ground at the time):

They touched down hard then aborted the landing which lead to a go around. They were in the process of a go-around (configuration) but it sank back on the runway. Maybe that’s why the landing gear appears to be up as it skidded on the ground. It most probably sank/fell back onto the runway due to extreme weather (temperature, low pressure/the gear doors opening/then closing i.e: increased drag) and that the B773 performance struggles at that those conditions. Look at FCOM2 for the 773.

VIDEO / Momentul impactului cu solul si incendiul care a urmat.