Swiss grounds its Airbus A220 fleet to carry out engine checks

| Scris de: Teodor Stefan | 15-10-2019

After another A220-300 Swiss (HB-JCC) operating flight LX359 from London to Geneva was forced to divert to Paris CDG today, Swiss has decided to ground its 29 A220s to carry out engine checks.

The airline confirmed the grounding and said: “Swiss has decided to carry out an engine inspection of the A220 fleet. For this reason, all A220s must undergo a comprehensive inspection”. A company spokesman added that many flights will be canceled. Swiss’ A220s are powered by Pratt & Whitney PW1524G engines.

An Airbus spokesman said it was supporting Swiss with its daily operations to minimize any disruption and would support any official investigation. Today’s incident is the 3rd one involving an A220-300 Swiss, with another taking place on September 8th (engine shut down in flight) and another one in July.

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SOURCES / Following another diversion of one of its Airbus A220s this morning, flight #LX359 from London to Geneva, some…

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