VIDEO / El Al has retired its last Boeing 747-400, flight LY1747

| Scris de: Teodor Stefan | 03-11-2019

Today, November 3rd, El Al has operated its last commercial service with a Boeing 747-400, after 48 years of operating the iconic jumbo jet. The Queen of the Skies will surely be missed.

Scheduled as a charter, flight LY1747 landed in Tel Aviv coming from Rome FCO, operated with 4X-ELC. Before arriving in TLV, the pilots have drawn a Boeing 747 in the sky, west of Cyprus, much to the delight of avgeeks from around the world following the final flight on Flightradar24.

LY1747 FCO 1000 – 1545 TLV 744 / November 3rd

El Al’s last two 747s – “Tel Aviv-Jaffa” (4X-ELA) and “Beer Sheva” (4X-ELC) – were configured 8 First Class, 47 Business, 34 Premium Economy and 314 Economy. The 747s will now be replaced by more modern and fuel-efficient Boeing 787 Dreamliners (787-9 and 787-8, the first of which will arrive at the end of this month) and Boeing 777-200ERs. Main photo: TLV Spotters; watercannon salute: ‎Rami Mizrahi‎.

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הנה הוא מגיע 💙נחיתה אחרונה.#elal747 #rightnow

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This is it 😭

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